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Welcome to the homepage of Western Finland ringsport Club. Our club is registered to Jämsä, Finland and our training field located in Längelmäki. Club has been founded 2010 by a small and eager training group. Our first members have been training mondioring since 2007. Our purpose is to organize training events, exercises and to raise level of our skills of dogtraining. Our main principle is a responsible dog training. From beginning of a little puppy our training aims for competitions , with terms of dogs, and for the well-behaved dogs in society. Also we would like to spread the knowledge of mondioring and improve common positive attitude for dogs and dogsports in our society.

Western Finland ringsport Club training is arranged at least 2 times in a week.
At summertime on competition season we are training more frequent. We have all necessary obstacles, several suits for adult dogs, arm and leg sleeves for younger dogs.
As it is, there is no need for new handler to invest for training gear.

All our members are targeting to competitions.

We are arranging education and seminars with help of top-level foreign competitors and decoys. Please follow these pages to get information for upcoming public events for mondioring enthusiasts.

In case of intrest for becoming a new trainee decoy, we are willing to guide you if you want make comminment to train in our club.

Trainer decoy Markus Kuusela

Markus Kuusela
pj [at]

In co-operation with Khura Sport!