6-7.8.2022: Upcoming Mondioring Competitions!

  • First Finnish Championship & Qualification for FCI Mondioring World Championships Spain!
  • Same time Breed Championship for Belgian shepherds & Qualification FMBB for Romania 2023!
  • Head Judge: Outi Hermiö
  • Judge: Jos Helsen
  • Decoys: Thomas Cypers, Kevin Faes and Lauri Impiö.

Competitors, Note 2 different registration dates

Address: Vanha Kirkkotie 422, 35480 Längelmäki

ad made by Maikki Lukka

7.7.2022: IFH-2 Tracking

Results for the IFC-Tracking day:

21-22.5.2022: Mondioring competitions

Results for the Mondioring trial 21.5:

Results for the Mondioring trial 21.5: